Nehul Agrawal February 21, 2017 10:59 pm

Restaurants are integrating technology as much as they possibly can.  There is a lot of potential for this technology to get damaged or broken, but the folks at RapidXpres have the solution to this in their Toughpad series.

The handheld line of Toughpads can be quite “handy” in the restaurant environment, starting with the management team.  Managers are constantly having to juggle several different tasks throughout their days.  This could be answering emails from vendors or employees.  It can be handling stock issues or even scheduling for their staff.  They don’t always have the time to go and sit down in front of a computer.  Since they are always on the go, why not have a computer that can go with them.

These handheld devices can be used for their communications systems.  It gives the person using it the freedom to answer emails, video chat and even form reports and graphics all with the simple touch of a hand.  Managers can take the computers with them into storage rooms and check on inventory.  Scanners on some of the devices will allow them to take exact counts on what’s in stock or not.  Managers can then take that information and deliver it directly to their distributors, which will make ordering and restocking much simpler.

These devices also have full Internet capabilities on them.  This comes in quite “handy” in the world of social media.   Managers, or any employee for that matter, can walk around and “tweet” specials or promotions at a moment’s notice.  For restaurants wanting to promote a dish, you can snap and edit a photograph and post it to your Instagram or Facebook page.  Engage with an audience on social media and keep track of what is trending on each site.  Having that ability at your fingertips is vital in a world where everything needs to happen now.

These devices can also be placed at counter tops or near registers.  Emails and customer reviews can help make or break a business.  Having one of these available for people who are ordering or paying their bill will allow them to enter their contact information into the restaurant’s system.  Promotions can be advertised and promoted on these systems and engage the customer base.  Since they are handheld managers and employees can walk around and collect information from tables to enter into their database as well.

The Toughpads are also capable of replacing the pad and paper for wait staff.  Imagine setting them up to take orders and have them sent directly into a kitchen cue.  This can save time and money.  Rather than having a server write orders down and then enter it into a separate system to get it to the kitchen, the process can be all in one.

These handheld Toughpads are durable, scratch and break resistant and have high processors.  They come in a variety of styles and price points, making them a must have for restaurants and other businesses.