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  • Commercial Grade Tablets in Healthcare

    Technology is an important part of every industry, but in industries like healthcare, it’s especially important for hospitals to stay up to date on the most cutting edge devices out there. Devices like tablets and notebooks in hospitals introduce a whole new level of mobility that makes the jobs of hospital staff easier and more organized. But not every device is equipped to deal with the day-to-day trials of the healthcare industry. The information stored and shared on these devices is more important than any other because lives depend on it, so when it comes to technology that hospitals can trust, Toughpads and Toughbooks do the job like no other.


    Toughpads specifically provide an easy and mobile way to access information, share it with patients and maintain its security. Panasonic Toughpads like the FM-Z1 offer the familiarity of Windows 8 coupled with the security, seamless connectivity, enterprise-grade technology and worry-free operation. It’s built to withstand drops, spills and knocks that come with everyday mobile use. Whether you’re in a hospital building or out on the field, the Toughpad family’s connectivity makes it easy to access everything you need wirelessly and securely.


    While its tough exterior secures important information from being damaged or lost, their operating systems like Android or Windows make it easier than ever to integrate security systems that can protect patient records and information from security breaches and data theft. Electronic health records are safer than ever and easily accessible at the palm of staff’s fingers when and if they need it.


    In places like hospitals where sanitation can absolutely never be compromised, it’s important to have electronics and equipment that is able to be cleaned and sterilized regularly. The Toughpads’ rugged exterior makes it ideal for disinfecting with solutions used in the hospital industry that would damage other non-industry grade tablets.


    But sterilization solutions aren’t the only thing these tablets are safe from. Their design makes them highly functional in any environment whether it’s direct sunlight, rainy weather or freezing temperatures. Where they go you go no matter if it’s a patient’s home, the hospital room or the back of an ambulance. Aside from being highly functional in any environment, you can count on a perfect display in any light setting without the worry of glare, dust or any other distractions from the only information you need to worry about: your patient’s.

  • Restaurants and Technology

    Restaurants are integrating technology as much as they possibly can.  There is a lot of potential for this technology to get damaged or broken, but the folks at RapidXpres have the solution to this in their Toughpad series.

    The handheld line of Toughpads can be quite “handy” in the restaurant environment, starting with the management team.  Managers are constantly having to juggle several different tasks throughout their days.  This could be answering emails from vendors or employees.  It can be handling stock issues or even scheduling for their staff.  They don’t always have the time to go and sit down in front of a computer.  Since they are always on the go, why not have a computer that can go with them.

    These handheld devices can be used for their communications systems.  It gives the person using it the freedom to answer emails, video chat and even form reports and graphics all with the simple touch of a hand.  Managers can take the computers with them into storage rooms and check on inventory.  Scanners on some of the devices will allow them to take exact counts on what’s in stock or not.  Managers can then take that information and deliver it directly to their distributors, which will make ordering and restocking much simpler.

    These devices also have full Internet capabilities on them.  This comes in quite “handy” in the world of social media.   Managers, or any employee for that matter, can walk around and “tweet” specials or promotions at a moment’s notice.  For restaurants wanting to promote a dish, you can snap and edit a photograph and post it to your Instagram or Facebook page.  Engage with an audience on social media and keep track of what is trending on each site.  Having that ability at your fingertips is vital in a world where everything needs to happen now.

    These devices can also be placed at counter tops or near registers.  Emails and customer reviews can help make or break a business.  Having one of these available for people who are ordering or paying their bill will allow them to enter their contact information into the restaurant’s system.  Promotions can be advertised and promoted on these systems and engage the customer base.  Since they are handheld managers and employees can walk around and collect information from tables to enter into their database as well.

    The Toughpads are also capable of replacing the pad and paper for wait staff.  Imagine setting them up to take orders and have them sent directly into a kitchen cue.  This can save time and money.  Rather than having a server write orders down and then enter it into a separate system to get it to the kitchen, the process can be all in one.

    These handheld Toughpads are durable, scratch and break resistant and have high processors.  They come in a variety of styles and price points, making them a must have for restaurants and other businesses.  You can see the full line and specs of each handheld Toughpad on the RapidXpres site at .

  • Toughpads in the Retail Industry

    The retail industry has undergone some major changes in the past couple of years. With the rise of the internet and online shopping, brick and mortar is no longer the most common form of retail merchandising and certainly not the first choice of many consumers.  More and more customers are buying online thanks to the ease and convenience of services that provide near instantaneous gratification with hyper speed deliveries at the click of a button.


    Businesses are competing more than ever to give customers the most convenient ways to buy, and with roughly 33% of the U.S. population preferring to pay with a card, it’s imperative for small businesses looking to stay ahead of the curb to have some form of reader for these methods of payment. Today, technology like Panasonic’s Toughpads makes it easier than ever to turn guests in your retail store into paying customers quickly and conveniently.


    Toughpad FZ-R1

    The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-R1 provides the world’s first tablet computer to combine the power of Windows® 8.1 with the convenience of a Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) reader. The power of this virtually portable POS system can turn any room into a business and with added security features like an encrypted magnetic strip reader option and a PCI-PTS V4.0 certification, your customers can trust their information is protected.


    Its integrated pin pad allows customers to punch in their pin and process their transaction through secured payment technology. And as card companies transition to microchips, the technology of the FZ-R1 is right at the front of the line supporting methods of payment including a magnetic strip reader, PIN pad, chip reader and NFC payment for mobile device options such as Android and Apple Pay.


    Weighing in at just 1.43 lbs., this all-in-one tablet/reader makes it easy to take your business with you wherever you go while added accessories like its countertop cradle secure it from falls and provide easy accessibility for customers. Its twist, tilt and turn design and small footprint make it a small and sleek display for guests to easily access and rotate at their convenience. While it provides a mobile and wireless solution, it still has the ability to plug in to peripheral devices such as cash registers, printers and barcode scanners when you need it to.


    For pricing and availability on the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-R1 call 1-877-207-3168 or visit


  • 5 Ways a Toughbook Can Improve Your Productivity

    There was a time when the thought of carrying a portable computer around for productivity’s sake seemed like something from a sci-fi film. Computers were simply too bulky, heavy and didn’t have the tools needed for impactful assistance. Today, most people carry some form of portable device with them at all times whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop of some sort. But while these devices have been made to make carrying easy, there’s a lot about them that still makes them somewhat impractical for the rough and tumble of everyday life.


    Toughbooks are designed to come with you everywhere you go and withstand everyday travel and the occasional tumble that might render other notebooks useless. Here are just five ways Toughbooks can build on your everyday productivity no matter where you’re going:


    1. Reduced Glare: Laptop manufacturers today focus on making computer screens as shiny and appealing as possible. While they work great for an office or home use, the glare brought on by such glossy screens is somewhat impractical for use in brightly lit areas or outdoors. Toughbooks like the Panasonic CF-19 feature a sunlight-viewable 6,000 nit TransflectivePlus touchscreen that makes visibility in broad daylight clearer than ever.


    1. Element Resistance: Ever get that temperature warning on your device telling you it’s just too hot to function? Everyday devices like cell phones, tablets and computers are simply not made to function in extreme weather conditions (e.g. when you leave them in your car). Overheating can lead to problems like a permanently damaged battery or LCD display over time.


    1. Battery Life: We’ve all experienced that desperate moment of running around looking for a charger or an outlet in the last seconds of life of a device. Toughpads are made for those moments. With an extended battery life of up to 27 hours with an optional media bay 2nd battery featured in the Panasonic CF-31, moments like these can be a thing of the past and you can continue working all the way into tomorrow with no problem.


    1. Faster Startup Time: There’s no sense of impatience like waiting for a computer to start up when you’re wound up and ready to roll. A well-worn computer can take minutes to start up depending on hardware and storage space. Toughbooks like the CF-19 are ready to go when you are with a 20% faster startup time than other computers.


    1. Durability: The last thing you want to worry about on the go is the fragility of an important device you’re carrying. Today, most professionals carry a personal computer with them at least a few times a week. So what happens when your computer turns out to be less tough than you need it to be? A lot of inconvenience. Panasonic’s Toughbooks come equipped with protective exteriors like magnesium alloy chassis and shock protection to ensure that even with the occasional work abuse, your work is safer than ever.
  • Laptops for First Responders: Responding to an Emergency

    Natural disasters are a fact of life.  They can range from floods like the ones recently seen in parts of Texas, to wild fires or even tornadoes.  When these disasters strike workers are dispatched immediately, which means not only should they be equipped with the best devices possible but those devices should be able to withstand the elements.

    Floods are all over the news currently.  The flooding has been so severe that emergency workers are being dispatched from all over the country.  These people have several tasks at hand when they get there.  Many times they are filling out reports for people who have suffered damage.  Perhaps they are looking up medical symptoms of those who have been injured.  They could also be researching the possibility of more inclement weather headed in that direction.  Since all of these situations can be extreme the equipment the workers must use must be able to withstand just about anything.

    That’s where places like RapidXpres come in.  They specialize is selling the types of equipment that can do well in just about any type of environment.  Take for instance the Panasonic Toughbooks, they are encased within hard materials that can withstand not only moisture but dirt and grime.  The Toughbooks’ hard exteriors make sure that if they get banged around or dropped they can withstand the impact.  A lot of the screens are also scratch and damage resistant, which is important in these environments.

    If workers need something that can be easily transported then the Panasonic Toughpads are an option over the laptops.  In many cases they can perform the same functions that a laptop on a smaller scale.  They can be transported in briefcases or backpacks and in a situation where space is at a premium, like in an emergency vehicle, these compact computers can be vital.  They will not only give the worker the most up to date information possible, but the worker can also update others just as easily.   If you are not looking for a device the size of a tablet than the full line of handheld devices come in handy.  They are built and equipped with the same types of programs like the pads, but made so compact that they will fit inside your pocket.

    Another piece of equipment that could come in handy is a security camera.  An example of one is the Reconyx Hyperfire.  They are not only durable but easily transportable to wherever you need it to be.  When disasters strike they sometimes happen outside of the view of the people affected. These cameras may capture the incidents and show how specific damage has occurred.  This piece of information could come in handy if someone was filing a claim against their insurance policy.  It could help substantiate their claim and make the adjuster’s work that much easier.

    RapidXpres carries all of these types of equipment.  They can and will work with any budget.  They can also work with municipalities to outfit an entire organization with the type of equipment that would work best for them.  When disasters strike the last thing you need are complications coming from the equipment you are using.  You want equipment that will work efficiently and at a fast pace and without the fear of damage occurring.  Let’s face it, having the best equipment could very well be the difference between life and death.


  • Interactive Computers Make Learning Better

    Technology is invading the classroom at a rapid pace.  The folks at RapidXpres are hoping to add to this trend by offering up the cutting edge technology their 3E computers can provide.

    The 3E computers can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to the classroom.  They can be a homework and lesson plan tracker for the student and teacher.  The teacher can share their lesson plans with students and assignments with a simple swipe of a finger.  The instructor can also ensure that all the students get the plans in a timely manner and it can make turning in assignments much easier.

    The 3E computers are loaded with Genuine Windows 8 Pro, which means these Android devices are equipped with the capability to display data in a wireless format onto a white board and other student devices.  By doing so not only are the students receiving their lessons with the best technology available, but the students tend to be more engaged through the process.  The computers have the luxury of being both a laptop and a tablet.   The screens are equipped to be touched by a finger or even a stylus.  These features can enhance the learning experience by making assignments more interactive and easier for a younger child to understand and partake in.  The computers have a full-sized keyboard that can be positioned in a variety of ways to ensure the best presentation possible for either the student or teacher.

    The 3E’s are equipped with not one but two cameras.  One camera can face the user while the other faces away.  This can be quite handy in these days where social media and technology play such a key role.  They will enable for video chatting to take place.  Perhaps it’s in the form of a Skype session with an instructor where they can explain a lesson plan.  It can even be used for students to chat with one another, making group assignments a lot easier because the students can work from the comfort of their own home while still accomplishing the task at hand.

    The 3E’s are also encased in durable materials.  That means that if multiple students are handling the devices there is less of a chance for the devices to be damaged throughout the day.  They can withstand being dropped because of the shock absorbing rubber that surrounds the computers.  The outside has an easy-to-grip textured material that makes it almost slip-resistant and it can also withstand the damage that may occur during any type of transport.  The material makes it resistant to scratches and dents when being carried either in a backpack or even by hand.

    With most Android products, there is new software developed on a daily basis.  These programs can be downloaded simply on to the 3E’s which means the students are getting the most up to date information possible with the most up to date software available.  The computers can be linked to audio/visual devices making demonstrations that much easier in a classroom or auditorium setting.

    The beauty of this type of technology is that it can grow with the students.  These computers are built to last and the will advance as the software continues to be developed.  In theory they can be used by students as they enter school for the first time up until their secondary education days.  RapidXpres carries a full line of the 3E computers and can work with any budget.  They can also work with school districts who wish to outfit large portions of their school districts with the devices.  Check out the full line of 3E’s on the RapidXpres website at .

  • Body Camera Benefits

    Body cameras have been in the headlines for some time now.  There are cases where these body cameras come in handy and in other cases those wearing them may wish they were never there.   For some there is the issue of it being an invasion of privacy, but for those in law enforcement it could quite literally make or break their case.

    One of the main areas where a body camera could come in handy is in domestic violence cases.  A lot of times the victims in these cases will tell officers what happened when they feel they are safe and away from the danger.  If an officer is wearing a body camera he can record those statements, which could be quite important in the actual prosecution of the case.   The reason for this is that victims may sometimes recant their statements out of fear of it occurring again.  They may refuse to testify letting the suspect walk.  If officers have these statements on video, they can use them as evidence and still make the case against the suspect.  In many situations the body camera statements are the sole reason for the suspect getting prosecuted.

    Accident scenes can be chaotic and confusing.  People are feeling traumatized and are worked up over everything going on around them, so officers use these cameras to get the statements from each individual.  Right at the time of the accident is when people remember what happened best.  That’s why these recordings can be helpful.  The more time that spreads in between the time of the accident and a possible court date, the more likely the person will forget some of the details or change the story up.  The camera footage can be presented as the most accurate statement before the court.  Officers can also walk around with those cameras on and record the exact placement of the vehicles and show what the scene looked like following the accident rather than rely on a diagram or drawing.

    One of the biggest benefits can be for the officers themselves.  In an era where everyone seems to be armed with a camera officers are scrutinized over everything they say or do.  These cameras can prove that there was no mistreatment and that the rules were followed.  A lot of times video is recorded by passerby’s after things have escalated.  Those investigating the situation never see what led up to the events in question.  If an officer can turn on a camera as they are arriving on a scene they can document everything that is said and done.  They can show that they followed procedure and that they may have needed to defend themselves in some manner.  This could be the answer in quite possibly clearing up an officer’s name and reputation.

    RapidXpres carries body cameras.  They know a lot of agencies do not have a large budget to spend a lot of money to arm all their officers.  RapidXpres will work with the budget available.  When you see how much the benefits outweigh the cons in this situation these cameras can prove to be invaluable.

  • Benefits of Personal Security Cameras

    It feels like “Big Brother” is always watching you, but for some that can be a good thing.  Cameras are smaller, technically better and cheaper to install.  So why not have one inside your home or office?

    There are some benefits to having cameras in and around your space.  Many times burglars case the places they plan on targeting and a camera is a big red flag for them.  For criminals, a security camera means there are extra eyes on the place they want to target.  That reason alone may make them move on to somewhere else and leave you and your belongings alone.   Sometimes the installation of a security camera could benefit you when it comes to your insurance rates.  Many insurance companies will offer discounts when cameras are in place.

    Cameras also come in handy for the police department.  If you are the victim of a crime, such as a break in, police can use the cameras you have installed to pick up clues as to who may be responsible.  A lot of cameras record activity that can be stored and played back.  Sometimes the cameras can alert homeowners of activities and those homeowners can grab screen grabs on their mobile devices.  Those things make the job easier for police officers.  Officers are able to get a much more accurate description of the person they are looking to catch up to.  Some cameras are able to capture faces so clearly that officers can identify suspects almost immediately.

    In today’s world where more and more people are left unattended for longer periods of time, cameras can be a set of eyes watching over them.  Parents can use them to monitor their children’s activities when they are not home.  They can check in to see that they are home when they are supposed to be and that perhaps someone who shouldn’t be there isn’t there.  Cameras can also come in handy for elderly people who live by themselves.  That elderly person’s relatives can use the camera to check in and make sure everything is going well with them.

    Don’t forget the family pet can and will fall under this category.  People are crazy about their four-legged friends and want to make sure they are doing well while left alone.  People can use the cameras to check in to make sure they are behaving and perhaps that there are no accidents to deal with.  For a pet that manages to escape a camera can provide that pet owner peace of mind that they are where they are supposed to be.

    RapidXpres  carries a wide variety of cameras that suit every need and budget.  Our experts can guide you every step of the way and make this purchase as easy as possible.  Check out our full line of camera at this link .

  • New Panasonic 4K Toughpad

    While 1080p has given our devices some of the clearest quality to date, there is a newer, clearer way to experience your latest project. 4K is four times the resolution as 1080p. The Panasonic 4K Toughpad is for the people looking for the paradigm of clarity. Not only does the 4K Toughpad offer fantastic resolution, but it also contains an Intel® Core™ i7-3687U vPro Processor, fast enough to suit all of your needs. The 4K Toughpad also has a 20” screen, a 2.5-foot drop rating on its bottom side, a 1-foot drop rating overall and a Magnesium alloy chassis. In other words, this is one really tough Toughpad.


    Anyone looking to improve their experience and their customers’ experience needs to check out the Panasonic 4K Toughpad. The 4K Toughpad has built-in wi-fi and class 1 Bluetooth 4.0 which extends its range up to 300 ft—that’s 10 times more than the average mobile phone.


    The Panasonic 4K Toughpad is perfect for anyone.  Its beautiful crystal clear display makes it perfect for entertainment but its rugged exterior and powerful processor makes it ideal even for the toughest jobs. The impeccable resolution makes the job easier. No matter how much light or how little light, you won’t have to worry about your display because you can always count on a crystal clear resolution.


    If you’re having trouble picturing what 4K looks like in your hands, imagine your television display. If you’re like most households, you probably own a 1080p resolution television. Now picture what you see—four times clearer.  4k resolution in hand held devices is the next step in bringing to life your day to day projects and the 4K Toughpad is here to make all of your personal projects come to life on a screen large enough to show you the difference, yet small enough to carry for everyday business.


    Aside from your new Panasonic 4K Toughpad, there are plenty of accessories to help optimize your experience. Make sure you’re always equipped for long days on the field with power adapters prepared to give you the charge you need. Other accessories include, a two-position cradle, car charger for when you’re on the go, an Optical Electronic Touch Pen and a shoulder strap. Any of the accessories will make you and your team more efficient.


    For more information on how to get your Panasonic 4K Toughpad, visit

  • Accessories to Keep Your Toughpad Functioning at Its Best

    Toughpads are great for any business that requires its technology to be durable. While their rugged nature makes them easily functional without any additional help, there are many accessories to enhance your experience with your Toughpad. Here are some accessories that will really optimize your experience:


    1. Storage – You can purchase and additional 4GB of memory that can be added to your Toughpad or Toughbook. This will optimize the use of your device and you will worry less about running out of space. There is more storage available on the RapidXpres website.


    1. Adapters – While your Toughpad and Toughbook come equipped with one, often times, life happens and leaves cords frayed or even torn, but there’s comfort in knowing there are replacements available in case you need them.


    1. Car Adapter - If you plan to have your Toughbook installed into your vehicle, you will need a car adapter. This allows your Toughbook to be powered at all times and fully charged and ready to go when you are.


    1. Batteries - If you are working long hours, you may want to consider getting an extra battery just in case your Toughpad or Toughbook needs some extra juice to keep up with you. This will enable you to continue to move around with it because you will not be attached to a wall or plug.


    1. Protective Film - A protective film is for those really tough jobs that might scratch your screen. It also provides your device with an extra barrier in case of an accident.


    1. GPS Kit – While we’ve grown accustomed to using GPS on our smartphones, they are still powered by the internet and in remote locations where internet is not an option, a GPS kit can mean a world of a difference.


    1. Shoulder Strap - A shoulder strap if for the person who is always on the go. This will allow you to be completely mobile with your Toughpad while keeping it secured on you and out of the way.

    To buy your new accessories, visit the RapidXpres website at

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